To learn more about us, and understand our food, you really have to come eat at the restaurant and meet us.
But, here's an introduction:

Little Hen restaurant is a family business owned by Regan and Dawn Stachler. It is born of our dream to create a restaurant we both believe would best showcase our joint knowledge and passion for food and service, while meeting the growing needs and demands of diners for accountable and sustainable farm-to-table cuisine. This would not be possible without our strong working partnership with local farmers.

We met in 2004 in New York City at culinary school, sharing our culinary education and training experience. We moved to the Triangle in 2008 and have spent the last few years working with local farmers and learning about the food culture here. Little Hen restaurant has been a long time in the works and to us, is more than just a business venture or livelihood. The restaurant epitomizes what we stand for in the food cycle. We strongly believe in supporting local farms and putting onto your plate what is fresh, seasonal, and as far as possible, devoid of all that mass production has created. And thus, artisanal products of every sort have every permanent place in our home, which is decorated in the style of a modern farmhouse. This is a home to be filled with memories of our family, our farmers' families, and yours.

We sincerely welcome each and every one of you into our home. With the deepest love in our hearts, we dedicate this restaurant to our beautiful daughter Sophie Mae.